10 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 in india 2020

Every day we use different audio equipment while watching a movie or when we are listening to our favourite music. Out of all the audio gadgets that are available in the current market, Earphones are the most convenient and easy to use.

There are several kinds of earphones that are available in the market and people purchase them based on their preferences. So to make your task easier and help you choose the best earphones out there, we have brought you an amazing list of earphones under Rs.2000. Without wasting much time let us move on to the list!


Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000

These are Best Bluetooth Earphones under 2000 in India 2020

  • JBL T205BT Pure Bass Bluetooth Earphone
  • JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless Earphone
  • Samsung level U bluetooth headset
  • Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone
  • boAt Rockerz 265 bluetooth In-Ear Headphones
  • Skullcandy JiB Wireless Earphone
  • Envent LiveFit 525 Bluetooth Earphone
  • boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Earphone
  • TaoTronics TT-BH10 Bluetooth Earphone
  • SoundMagic ES20BT (Upgrade of SoundMagic E10C)


Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000

With different renowned manufacturers producing several headphones, you will need to choose the right product wisely. Here is the list for best headphones that are available to you under Rs.2000. Have a look at them!


JBL T205BT Pure Bass Bluetooth Earphone

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 2000, JBL T205BT Pure Bass Bluetooth Earphone

JBL has been manufacturing world famous audio gadgets for decades now. Their products come with top class quality and consistent performance that ensures a satisfactory service for a long period of time. JBL T205BT Pure Bass is a Bluetooth In-Ear style headphone that you can easily wear while jogging, walking or sitting at home.

Fully compatible with both iOS and Android OS with the help of JBL Music app, the headphones are easily usable with any device you use. JBL T205BT Pure Bass has tangle free and flat cable that helps you to use this headphone the way you want to. Always get a comfortable fit in your ears with soft earbuds provided with it.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 offers seamless and uninterrupted music streaming connectivity everytime you connect this headset to your mobile device.
  • 32 Ohms impedance delivers a stable and reliable sound performance regardless of the surroundings you are present.
  • Powerful bass and balanced treble are ensured by the 12.5 mm drivers that have been integrated. These drivers are made of excellent materials which resonate sound in a very efficient way.
  • With only 2 hours of full charge, you will be able to use this headphone for more than 6 hours. So this is a very promising feature of this headphone, especially for the ones who travel a lot.
  • JBL T205BT Pure Bass earphone comes with Three-Button Remote and a microphone also. So now you will be much easier to connect and talk with everyone while working.

JBL T205BT Pure Bass is one of the best headphones that is available under a price of Rs.2000. This headphone packs a powerful bass and rich surrounding sound that has been possible because of 12.5 mm drivers and an impedance of 32 ohms. Make sure to check this out!

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JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless Earphone

JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless Earphone

Whenever we talk about JBL earphones, we can be sure that we will receive good quality sound and durable equipment from the manufacturer.

JBL T110BT Pure Bass Wireless Earphone is one of those products which have been created to impress. For more than 70 years of experience in this field, JBL Surround Sound system brings you world-class audio experience right in your hands.

8.6mm audio drivers offer the user excellent and clear audio quality which is coupled with a passive noise cancellation system as well. This earphone comes with a sensitivity of 96dB SPL/1mw. Stylish in-ear earphone which looks absolutely perfect when you wear them and it has soft earbuds that provide the best comfort.

  • JBL Pure Bass Sound system has been integrated to improve and enhance the bass and treble quality of your music or video you are watching.
  • Flat tangle free wires give you the ability to use this earphone without any hassles of untangling it’s wire for minutes before you can use it.
  • Three button controls have been included for easy one-tap control over your music and calls.
  • With full recharge capability of 2 hours, it can deliver 6 hours of playback time and you can easily charge it with a power bank with the USB port also.
  • Magnetic cable management ensures that your earphones remain tangle free and stable to one position when you are not using them.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity delivers an efficient wireless frequency range of 20Hz–20kHz along with a smooth streaming ability always.

JBL T110BT Pure Bass wireless earphone is available only under a price of Rs.2000 and at such an affordable price, it is a great value for money deal! You must not forget that this earphone also comes with an impedance of 16 ohms and 8.6 mm drivers which have been integrated to provide marvellous sound efficiency. It is also available in 4 colours.

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Samsung level U Bluetooth headset

Samsung level U Bluetooth headset

Coming from the house of Samsung, Samsung level U bluetooth headset is available in 2 ecstatic colours that are – black sapphire and gold. The very first thing which will grab your attention is its solid body construction and durable finish. You can very sure that you will be able to use this headset for a long time. A uniquely designed neckband allows you to keep your earphones in place.

Bluetooth 4.1 has been integrated into this headset that delivers even network bank without any interruption. This headset comes with a rechargeable battery that has a 110 mAh capacity which is capable of delivering 11 hours of playback time in less than 2 hours of charge time. You also get 500 hours of standby time as well. Have a look at some more features of this headset.

  • 12mm audio drivers help to give out loud audio that is rich in bass. So no matter where you are, you are will always listen to good quality sound.
  • Dual-mic noise cancellation system has been integrated into this headset that helps to eliminate background sound to interfere with your music.
  • Built-in Buttons are tactile and they offer easy control to the audio you are listening to. With one tap control now you can change music, adjust volume and also take incoming calls.
  • With 2 hours of full charge, this earphones can keep going with 11 hours of playback time. So never worry about running out of charge once again.

Samsung level U Bluetooth headset is only 33 gms in weight and therefore one can listen to it for long hours. Extremely comfortable fit and stylish construction make it very easy the user to carry it around their neck. The earphones will surely be your favourite choice if you are addicted to listening to music or watching movies all the time.

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Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone

Best Wireless Earphones under 2000 in India 2020 by Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone

Leaf Studio has been manufacturing some impeccable earphones in the past few months and the Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone comes with interesting features.

It scores well in all the major aspects – comfort, lightweight, performance and rich bass. With an ultra-thin diaphragm, it tends to outperform many of its competitors in these segments and thanks to the company for making it available at such an affordable price.

Compatible with Android and iOS mobiles, Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone weighs only 15 grams which makes it possible for everyone to carry this pair around. The earbuds fit perfectly and do not block your ear canal completely which makes it even more comfortable. There is also a LED notification to indicate the charging levels.

  • With 32 Ohms of impedance, Leaf Ear headphones make sure that you receive a stunning sound quality that is rich in bass and treble.
  • There is a good difference between the lows, mids, and high. Thanks to an exc20Hz to a 20kHz frequency band which is absolutely seamless.
  • These In-Ear headphones have a good noise cancellation system which helps only your music to reach to your ears and eliminates any irritating background noise or sound.
  • Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone is powered by 100 mAh of the battery which takes only 1.5 hours to charge but can deliver a playback time of 7+ hours.

Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone comes with a sensitivity of 101dB(+/-3)dB and exclusive sound quality available to its users. Innovative design and sophisticated finish, this earphone has a nano-coating technology for water and sweat proof performance. Tactile one-touch buttons can take your calls, change music and adjust the volume.

You will be delighted to know that this Leaf earphone has 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity that will provide seamless music streaming ability without any interruptions.

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boAt Rockerz 265 Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

boAt Rockerz 265 bluetooth In-Ear Headphones is the Best Bluetooth Earphones under 2k in India

boAt Rockerz 265 is one of the most versatile and durable earphones that are available in this current market. The boAt has always been known to deliver high-quality comfort, ergonomic design and consistent audio performance.

This boAt Rockerz 265 has been marketed by the company as a “pedometer earphone” because it is able to track and keep a record of all your daily activities. This product can be your essential companion if you do intense exercise regularly.

Even though this pair of headphones come with ambient noise cancellation system, it allows you to listen to some sound coming from your surroundings to keep you alert. Signature Sound Processing system will always ensure that a rich and true balanced sound quality reaches your ears. Over-the-ear memory wire gives a perfect fit.

  • Bluetooth 4.1 is more efficient and apart from smooth wireless connectivity, it also consumes less battery power the previous versions.
  • IPX-4 tested and highly recommended sweat and waterproof coating allows you to use this headphone without any worries of the weather or terrain. Keep moving without any restrictions!
  • 10mm dynamic drivers will not fail to deliver a strong and matchless audio performance with a full load of power and precise engineering.
  • The 110 mAh battery allows you to use this headphone for almost 6+ hours with only 1.5-2 hours of full charge. So travel beyond your limits but don’t worry about running out of charge.
  • Strong and tactile buttons give seamless control over your music and an inbuilt microphone allows you to take calls with crystal clear audio.

boAt Rockerz 265 Bluetooth earphones are one of the best pairs of audio equipment which you can purchase under a price of Rs.2000. It has an impedance of 32 ohms and excellent 10mm audio drivers deliver transcendental sound quality and rich bass everytime you turn it on.

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Skullcandy JiB Wireless Earphone

Skullcandy JiB Wireless Earphone

Skullcandy is one of the most popular earphone brand in India. The Skullcandy Jib Wireless In-Ear Earphones is one of their most popular wireless device that is available under Rs.2000. This earphone is available in 4 different colours to suit your style statement and so that you can flaunt it to impress others. Very comfortable and soft earbuds make it possible for the users to use this earphone without any discomfort to their ears.

Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity gives you the freedom to take calls and connect your favourite music without any hassles of tangled wire. The built-in remote control panel allows you to change your track, control volume and take calls. You will get the beat inconvenience right at your hands.

This earphone has a built-in mic which delivers crystal clear sound quality and enhances your call quality.

  • Skullcandy has introduced 9.2mm audio drivers into this earphone for defining sound and marvellous bass. Get ready to experience a high quality sound quality whenever you plug them into your ears.
  • 16 Ohms of impedance demands more powerful audio output and as a result you get an amazing quality surround sound.
  • Passive Noise Cancellation system is also present in this earphone to disrupt any unnecessary background noise to interfere with your audio.
  • 20kHz – 20Hz frequency band ensures seamless and uninterrupted audio playback to your earphones with no glitches.
  • This earphone will hardly take 1.5 hours to fully charge but in return it will surely provide you with a playback time of almost 6 hours. Impressive right?

Skullcandy Jib Wireless in-Ear Earphones with Mic is one of the top competitors in this list considering the fact that it is able to deliver such high audio quality and bass, which is overwhelming for many other competitors at this price. If you have a budget of Rs.2000 then this earphone should really be in your list of favourites.

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Envent LiveFit 525 Bluetooth Earphone

Envent LiveFit 525 Bluetooth Earphone

When you want to purchase a wireless headphone, the very first thing that comes to your mind is the aspect of convenience, right? Well, Envent LiveFit 525 Bluetooth Earphone will be the one that will provide you with maximum flexibility and convenience. Designed as an In-Ear earphone, this gadget will fit in your ears perfectly without causing any pain or discomfort.

Thanks to its magnetic construction, the earbuds will stay in place when you are not using them. Envent LiveFit 525 earphones have a stylish and sturdy construction which allows you to carry them wherever you go. These ergonomically designed earphones will suit your style and allow you to flaunt them wherever you carry them.

  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity delivers seamless and eminent sound quality whenever you plug them in your ears. 3 ohms of impedance is enough to help you experience excellent audio.
  • 10 mm audio drivers have been integrated into the earbuds that deliver rich bass and treble along with impeccable sound quality. Envent has made sure that you are 100% satisfied with your audio.
  • LED Notification light allows you to understand when the device is fully charged. A red light will blink when it is charging but it will stop once it has been fully charged.
  • 103+/-3db sensitivity and 20kHz – 20Hz of frequency band, this earphone is capable of delivering powerful audio without any hassles.

Envent LiveFit 525 is one of the best value for money earphone that you can purchase under Rs.2000. It’s powerful audio drivers and 6 hours of playback time along with 5 days of standby, makes it your perfect companion while travelling. Comfortable earcups and stylish finish will surely grab your attention immediately.

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boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Earphone

Top wireless earphones under 2000 in India

Another boAt Rockerz earphone on this list, the boAt Rockerz 255 is a perfect solution to your wireless audio equipment. boAt Rockerz 255 comes in three modern colours – red, black and green.

All of them looks absolutely stunning whether you wear them while workout, jogging or using them casually throughout the day. A comfortable and secure In-Ear clip fit keeps it in place all the time.

You’ll be glad to know that boAt Rockerz 255 comes with a sophisticated and advanced Bluetooth version of 4.2 that makes it only a few of the products available with this feature. Qualcomm CSR8635 chipset allows it to function for long hours without consuming much charge but still managing to deliver the same powerful audio output always.

  • IPX 5 Sweat and Water Resistance design protects this earphone from sweat and water. So you can use it without any worry during the workout and even when it is raining outside.
  • Magnetic ear tips help you to place these earphones in a stable position even when you are constantly moving.
  • 10 mm boAt audio drivers will surely help you experience a mesmerizing audio sensation. These drivers are made of advanced materials which keep the bass and treble levels at an optimal level.
  • 110 mAH battery takes only an hour to fully charge and gives a backup of 11 hours! Isn’t that amazing? So even if you are outside for most of the day, you will never run out of charge.
  • inline controls and tactile buttons enable one-touch control of your music and lets you respond to your calls very easily as well.

boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones come with an amazing impedance of 32 ohms delivers marvellous audio power to your ears. That is why an ecstatic surround sound is created when you use these earphones. Getting a frequency band of 20Hz-20kHz you will not be upset with the streaming quality of this earphone.

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TaoTronics TT-BH10 Bluetooth Earphone

TaoTronics TT-BH10 Bluetooth Earphone

Premium quality earphones are not that difficult to find, but an earphone which proves to be a great value for money is not easily found.

However, TaoTronics TT-BH10 Bluetooth earphone is that equipment which will satisfy your needs very well. Ergonomic and sports design gives a stylish finish. In-Ear style earphones with soft earbuds gives you maximum comfort and a good fit always.

The best part about this earphone is that it comes with Bluetooth 4.1 which is one of the latest version and therefore you can expect better battery life and sound quality. One touch controls allow you to control, change and adjust what you are listening to very easily.

  • Additional Ceramic antennas provide more stable and efficient wireless connectivity that will provide seamless audio streaming without hiccups.
  • Crystal Clear Communication system is advanced noise cancellation technology developed by TaoTronics and it prevents background noise to interfere with what you are listening to.
  • APTX codec feature gives the user much better audio enhancement from any device you may be using at this moment.
  • 10mm dynamic drivers and frequency band of 20Hz-20kHz gives an excellent audio output that will keep you mesmerized all the time when you use this earphone.
  • Nano-coating technology enables the earphone to remain sweat and waterproof all the time. Thus not limiting your usage capabilities.

TaoTronics BH10 Sweatproof Bluetooth is one of the best earphones that you can buy under Rs.2000. If you want an Earphone with excellent audio output and powerful bass and treble, then there is not much to think about this earphone. Just buy them!

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SoundMagic ES20BT (Upgrade of SoundMagic E10C)

SoundMagic ES20BT wireless Earphones

Last but not least, we have the SoundMagic ES20BT which is an upgrade from SoundMagic E10C.

This earphone is affordable and delivers good quality and satisfactory sound always. Coming with an In-Ear style, it does not completely block your ear canal and the soft earbuds give maximum comfort. You will be able to hear all those highs, mids and lows in a brilliantly balanced audio output.

It comes with an integrated 3-button remote that gives complete control over these earphones. So you can control and adjust what you are listening to in a brilliant manner. Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity delivers seamless connection and you can easily connect any device you are using whether it is an Android or iOS device.

Have a look at some more features of this product.

  • Available in 2 different colours – black and red, this earphones will match your style statement wherever you carry them.
  • With a good battery backup, you will be able to get 6 hours of playback time with only 2 hours of a full charge! How cool is that?
  • High-Level Noise Isolation system eliminates any background noise that might affect what you are listening to. So enjoy your music at its peak!
  • 10mm dynamic audio drivers are present to make sure that your music is powerful and well balanced in bass and treble. Feel your music like never before.

SoundMagic ES20BT Earphones are a good value for money gadget under Rs.2000 that you can purchase when you do not have a big budget in hand. Powerful and soothing bass, along with seamless connectivity, SoundMagic ES20BT will never fail to impress you!

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Conclusion –

Now that we have discussed all the different kinds of earphones which are available under a price of Rs.2000, it is time that we mention the winner. Among all the earphones mentioned above, JBL T205BT Pure Bass Bluetooth Earphone has impressed us the most in the under Rs.2000 segment.

JBL T205BT Pure Bass Bluetooth Earphone comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and 32 ohms of impedance which are always working to perfectly provide impeccable sound quality. Soft earbuds and dynamic drivers give maximum comfort and a good quality audio experience when you plug them in.

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